We develop all types of industrial projects

In SGLOBALS we develop all types of industrial projects, performing all phases from conceptual engineering, basic deployment, stress analysis to detailed engineering, offering our clients our advanced capacities and extensive experience.

We adapt our work models (concurrent engineering, mechanical engineering, calculation engineering and detail engineering) to the needs of our clients, always looking for the best option for the development of each project.

We currently develop to types of projects: On the one hand, product development for mass production and sale in national and international markets, on the other hand, development of capital goods, production lines, implementation of robotic systems, programming of all types of PLC, positioning and handling systems, SCADAS, implementation of artificial vision systems, special machines, transportation elements, lifting systems, adaptation of old machines to new needs, etc.

Some of our work lines are the following:


Concurrent engineering:

  • We work in parallel with our clients
  • We fully adapt to the work system of our clients
  • We provide our client with our technical capabilities and resources to meet quality goals and deadlines

Detail engineering:

  • We provide exploded views, lists of materials, weights, etc. Providing the drawings and models needed to manufacture mechanical systems, structures, bolted joints, production lines, singular elements, etc.
  • We adapt to the standards and work systems of our clients.

Mechanical engineering:

  • We analyse all needs to implement new mechanical systems or to enhance those already existing in production processes, industrial plants, etc.
  • All engineering is developed on a 3D platform
  • Exploded view of all elements that make up the mechanical system, providing the manufacture drawings, listing of screws, models of parts to be machined, list of components, etc.
  • We make user manuals

Calculation engineering:

  • Calculation, optimisation and advanced structural analysis of steel, concrete and combined materials
  • Use of programmes of finite and/or matrix elements, such as COSMOS, STAADPRO, ESWIN, etc.
  • Development of projects of structures and singular elements, bolted joints, anchoring, lifting systems, transportation systems, etc.
  • We work under under national and international regulations currently in force.

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