Cutting and Forming

We have extensive resources for cutting and forming plate-pipe and profile.


  • OXYCUT: Two conventional CNC oxycutting equipments with 6 cutting stations with 7x28 m tables and plate cutting up to 450 mm thick.
  • PLASMA: Two 3x28 m cutting tables cutting up to 40 mm thick, as well as machines that combine next generation cutting and drilling.
  • PLATE LASER CUTTING: Next generation laser cutting machines with 2 5200 Kw resonators, 4000x2000 mm cutting bench, cutting plate up to 20 mm thick carbon steel, 16 mm stainless steel and 12 mm aluminium. Table dimensions 12000x3000 mm.
  • We have shears and water jet cutting.


  • HEAVY DUTY BENDING: maximum length: 14000 mm.
  • Great thickness: Up to 100 mm (in 1.500 TN and 12000 mm long machines)
  • ROLL: Maximum rolling. 3 metres wide and 65 mm thick.


Bevelling and preparation of plate edges: 20 m. table with an average bevelling speed of 1000 mm/min.



  • Electric saw: maximum capacity 300 mm
  • Plasma: Unlimited diameter.
  • BEVELLING: With pneumatic machines, up to 50 mm thick.

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